Dolls have always fascinated me with their ambivalence. Ever since as a kid, I was attracted towards and at the same time repelled from dolls. Of all kinds, as toys, decorations, in books and comics, in films. Real or imagined. Baby, Barbie, Ken, rag, wooden, wax, composite, voodoo, plastic, inflatableā€¦ What is interesting, apart from a doll’s ultimate use, is how any figure goes from being, say, a statuette, to becoming a doll. What is it that makes that leap? Desires and frustrations leading to the baby perfect, the tender toy, the woman object, or just simply an object of expression of the real world? Dolls present me with infinite possibilities to explore the human genre, which I try to translate to the paint. Visually, they are just the fountain of life, an endless pit! The world is abrupt, vulgar, brute, and dolls seem to lend themselves easily to such representations. Are we helplessly the puppets in somebody else’s dream or do we willingly put ourselves in that position? Is there something intrinsically ridiculous about our movements or do we make ourselves so by submitting to external forces? In that sense, dolls are a great pretext in my work.